Unleash the power of your ideas! Get the logo you want, the brochure you need, from our veteran graphic designers.


Make your presence felt in the Web! Get the look you want, the control you need, with our veteran web developers.


Content is still king! Tune up your content with SEO, capture your target market, and reap the benefits of effective writing.


Breathe life into your concepts! Moving images are so much better than static images: animate them with Flash.


Go beyond X and Y planes and add the Z to your idea! Render your product, your model house, your exhibit booth in 3D and get the contract.

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We are MicroCreatives, the Creative Services Group of MicroSourcing, one of the leading BPO companies in the Philippines. Our group is composed of multi-talented individuals who can whip up a creative storm for any client.

From developing simple logos to complex multimedia ad campaigns, MicroCreatives provides excellent customer service mixed with stunning creative output.

Prepare to get mesmerized with our recent and past works of art. View Portfolio

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A Support System:
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"MicroCreatives has done a great job with designing all of our offline and online marketing materials. We believe it has contributed to better brand awareness and increased sales figures for both us and our clients."
Nicolas Bigaignon - Marketing Director, Reporo
"The team at MicroCreatives are fantastic to work with! Creative and quick, they produce quality artworking solutions on deadline and to brief."
Soraya Calavassy – National Communications Manager, The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award in Australia
"I turned to MicroCreatives when my design team reached capacity. Mikaela and her team did fantastic work and what impressed me most is they weren't afraid to change course if they felt the concepts weren't meeting my requirements. I'd definitely recommend their team to any other business."
Peter Freeman, Web Services for Business
"I knew I needed a professional design for my first major eBook release, and MicroCreatives delivered. I have received many positive comments about the cover and layout of my eBook, the Busy Mom's Guide to Writing. My website is about to be re-designed, and MicroCreatives will be my first choice."
Suzannah Windsor Freeman, Write It Sideways
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