The Only Constant Thing in Life is Change? You Betcha!

Over the years, some of the most well-known brands today have undergone rebranding to suit the ever evolving trends as well as to stay current and relevant. Brands that have undergone an overhaul include big car manufacturers, clothing brands, food and beverage companies, public utilities, products, sports leagues, and oil companies – Nike, Pepsi, McDonald’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, Burger King, Audi, Volkswagen, Shell Oil, London Underground, Monopoly, NFL, the list goes on. Take a look at these brands that have had their logo redesigned over the years:

Classic and Modern Logos of Pepsi

 1. Pepsi – Pepsi or Pepsi-Cola used to have one solid color instead of its iconic red, white, and blue, which is very well-known today. The company’s first logo used since 1898 drawn by founder Caleb Bradham was improved to sport a simpler design, taking in more of a minimalist approach albeit keeping some of the older logo’s script-like curves.

Classic and Modern Logos of Goodyear  

2. Goodyear – Tire and rubber company Goodyear has rebranded to the modern version of the company logo in 1970. Even after so many years, the company’s redesigned logo still looks current and iconic. Among the changed aspects of the logo include font, color, and over wingfoot redesign.

Classic and Modern Logos of Dunkin' Donuts


3. Dunkin’ Donuts – Known for its unforgettable donuts and coffee, the Dunkin’ Donuts we know for its orange and pink logo has undergone a lot of changes and is utterly different from its 1950 counterpart. The modernized logo debuted in the 1980s with the coffee cup added in the early 2000s, combined to make up the current branding or logo we all know today.   It is important to note that even though change is inevitable, it can’t be for everyone or everything. Even the most iconic brand can be forgotten with one miscalculated step. Provided brands have come up with the right formula and the right timing, it is a matter of time before these names get to see how accepted their change has become or if the change was a bust. Canva Design School, one of the current design leaders, has put together a list of companies that have rebranded in the past, consolidated into a comprehensive list of classic and modern looks and design samples to work as a great source of inspiration on how to get the formula for a design that will stand the test of time.


Click here for the full list of 40 rebranded companies!

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