What Was It Like Before The Age Of Photoshop?

With the significance of Adobe Photoshop in the desktop publishing industry today, the word “Photoshop” itself has become a verb, with “Photoshopped” becoming synonymous to “edited”, “altered”, or “enhanced” when talking about digitally manipulating a design or a photo. But have you ever wondered how people back then Photoshopped 25 years ago? Before February of 1990, Adobe Photoshop wasn’t introduced yet and publishers and photographers used to perform Photoshop tasks in an analog-only world.


In celebration of Photoshop’s 25th year, Lynda.com created a video showing us how it was before the software existed. The video explains why the graphic design tools in Photoshop are called and function the way they are, and demonstrates how hands-on and difficult design and photo editing and manipulation was before.


Watch the video below and learn how Adobe Photoshop has made things a lot simpler for us.


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