112 New Pantone Colors for New Design Possibilities

When it comes to color, Pantone serves as the global authority, and standard language among designers, manufacturers, retailers, and customers. This year, Pantone released a comprehensive 112-color palette for the design community, which brings the total color count of the PANTONE PLUS SERIES to 1,867.


“Color is a visual cue that draws us to establish a connection with our environment and the things we love,” according to Kathryn Shah, VP of Marketing Pantone in a press release.


In collaboration with renowned designers like Jessica Walsh of Sagmeister & Walsh, distinguished book cover designer Chip Kidd, and Eddie Opara of Pentagram, the additional colors were  launched via the “New Colors, New Possibilities” campaign, which featured each designer’s new, unique, and original works that inspired the 112 new hues. The campaign rolled out on Pantone’s official Instagram page, with the photos marked with the #PantoneNewColors hashtag.



New Colors, New Possibilities: Now available at Pantone.com. Link in bio – #PantoneNewColors

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The new color palette serves as a crucial signifier of innovative social and cultural influences based on the overall movement of color and draws inspiration from key design trends from various industries. Pantone surveyed hundreds of designers specializing in graphics, packaging, print, and web design during product development and found that there is a desire for additional Blues, Blushes, and Neutrals for branding and packaging design; and deeper Red, Orange and Brown shades as a result of a shift towards earth-driven and organic lifestyles.


Pantone Introduces 112 New Graphics Colors For The Design Community from Pantone on Vimeo.

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