Being Extra Productive without Burning Out? It’s Possible!

When you’re working I’m sure you want to maximize your productivity without the risk of being burnt out, right? No one wants the constant feeling of tiredness even at the start of the day or week. Finding the right work routine that allows you to become extra productive without risking burnout takes much trial and error; it may take some time, but the results are long-term and are therefore worth it when you finally get there.


Below are some tried and tested tips to help you become more productive without burning yourself out. Imagine getting the most out of your day and still have the energy and motivation for the rest of the week!


Let’s start the list with trying to find something that will work as your productivity anchor. To put it simply, your productivity anchor should work like an on and off switch that will help you start and get into work mode instantly. Your work switch could be as simple as a cup of coffee, a short workout before work (to get you going), or going through your favorite blog feed or newsfeed to find inspiration.


Next, try to do things with a more ‘flexible’ routine. Could be slightly contradictory but think of it as sticking to a routine but with the routine having as much leeway as possible. We all know the benefits of a routine, but having something that’s too strict could be counterproductive. Start by doing certain things in order or work on easier tasks first. After that you can then take a short break, something like checking or updating social media, just a little bit online perusing, anything to break the monotony of work.


You also have to plan ahead and celebrate even the smallest of achievements. A smart way to play ahead would be to write down what you can do every day instead of trying to plan a whole month just to end up changing things down the line. Any sort of planning will ultimately contribute to the bigger picture. Try to make a workable, short list of what you can do to contribute to the bigger projects you can put towards the end of the week. Making a list could help with staying organized and can keep you on the top of your game. Be sure to cross things off the list as you do them, then look back just to see how you’ve been steadily working toward your end goal.


It’s okay to be distracted sometimes. Well, not too much, but you shouldn’t be too scared of distractions. Sure, they often make your work suffer but think of it as something that can help you from burning out. Don’t fight the urge to do something else when you’ve lost your work focus but at the same time be conscious enough to go back and resume with work. Try the Pomodoro Technique which lets you take a 5-minute break every after 25 minutes of work.


Lastly, know when you’ve done enough. Maintaining a good balance between work and daily life is important too. It isn’t all work and isn’t all games either. This can also help with de-stressing since it lets your mind rest for a bit before resuming again.


Hopefully, these pointers can help you through your work day/week. Be sure to contact us however if you feel like you still need assistance. Go through our portfolio to learn more of what we do. MicroCreatives is a design agency based in the Philippines; we handle design, copywriting, and web development projects with ease. Let us know and we’ll do what we can to help.

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