Content: Smart Selling and Influence

After all the excruciating hours spent on brainstorming for a product, building a business, and maintaining the brand comes the stressful part of keeping it alive. And making sales is the essential part of keeping it breathing.


The core of selling lies on the content. Your branding and packaging may look enticing, but content will drive the motivation further. But how can you inspire the buying process to motivate people to purchase what you sell?


Imagination plays a vital role in this process. Having your audience imagine buying from you will take them beyond mentally committing and possibly purchase what you sell.
Getting your audience to mentally commit depends on your content and how it resonates to your prospects. You can always go for the aggressive way: hard selling. However, hard selling can become off-putting for some audience. Rather, incorporate smart selling and imposing influence when writing your content.


Dr. Robert Cialdini shares in his book “Influence: Science and Practice” the six categories of influence or judgmental heuristics that create mental shortcuts to triggering consumer behavior.



By providing free content, you are doing a task that mutually benefits you and your prospects. It establishes a ‘give and take’ process that will give your prospects the feeling that they need to repay the favor you have given them. This eventually leads to negotiation.


Commitment and Consistency

Getting your prospect to imagine buying from you or even getting them to make the least mental commitment will do well for you. The aim of your content is to lead the audience to physically commit to what you’re selling. Once your content convinces your audience to imagine buying from you and making a mental commitment, they will most likely want to be consistent by taking action based on their commitment.


Social Proof

Monkey see, monkey do. Social proof is when people engage (liking, sharing, and commenting) with your content. This way, the more people engage with your content, the more influential you become. This triggers a psychological mechanism that urges the audience to believe that something is correct when more people find it correct.



Another aim of your content is to make your business or brand likable, to build rapport. Incorporate what people like into your content to build a bond. Among a consumer’s choices, even though is a more appropriate and practical choice, they tend to connect more with those they share interests with – those that are relatable and who they think understands them. This is a result of people having a positive bias, largely used in niche marketing which leads to a much easier selling process.



Being an authority figure, you’ll be seen as someone skilled in decision-making. Educating your prospects is a way to earn influence and everything you say will most likely be instantly believed and acted upon.



Offering your potential customers something rare, limited, and one of a kind could stir their interest. We tend to have the mentality that things that are difficult to get are better than those that are easy to get. Using this tactic is more effective if you indicate in your content what the audience will lose rather than what they will gain if they don’t avail what you offer.


Taking these smart selling tactics into consideration will help you create a warmer and more inviting sales process than something that makes your audience skeptic and will lead them to think that you are just aiming for the cash.


More on Smart Selling

People often see a sales process as a suspicious plan or scheme to persuade customers into making a purchase. Cialdini’s shortcuts of influence are smart selling tactics that aim to help businesses and content writers to influence prospects to make the right decision.


Educating and empowering, rather than hard selling, are what customers mostly need. Giving out information, creating a connection, gaining their trust, and encouraging engagement will bear good results not only for them but also to your brand.


That is why here in MicroCreatives, we strive in helping brands and businesses reach out to their target market in many ways as possible. With our team of talented web developers, graphic designer, animators, and copywriters, we help companies achieve their goals and help take their business to where greater heights.

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