Create Customized Websites with Adobe ‘Portfolio’

On January 25, 2016, Adobe Systems Incorporated announced great news for its Creative Cloud subscribers. Adobe launched its new ‘Portfolio’ tool where CC subscribers can easily build personalized websites in a matter of minutes!


Adobe Portfolio home page


Adobe Portfolio already comes with the essential tools and features allowing the Portfolio editor users to simply choose from the available layouts which they can switch any time, and customize it however they want. Portfolio also provides access to Typekit’s font library and allows direct access (where users can edit anything they can see) as live editing. Portfolio users also have the option to disable right-click, preview their customized website on desktop, tablet, and mobile, and the option to enable lightbox presentation of images.


Preview some sample Portfolio layouts below. Click on the image to visit each creator’s Portfolio page.


Matthias Heiderich

Mercedes Crespo

Linda Skukauske

Sawdust London


Adobe Portfolio also offers the perk that you can use your own domain name. Furthermore, Portfolio can also be synced with Behance. The sync ability lets Portfolio users create a customized website that only has their own works, on top of being able to stay connected, network, and be discovered through Behance’s powerful platform.


There are two paid plans when purchasing Adobe Portfolio. The $9.99 per month plan gets you a Portfolio website plus Typekit fonts as well as access to Photoshop and Lightroom. There’s also the $49.99 per month plan where you can have the entire collection of Adobe creative apps, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign along with your Portfolio website.


Our creative team at MicroCreatives utilizes all the updated resources and tools we can get our hands on, such as Adobe Creative Cloud products, to enhance our skills and create the best output that fits the client’s creative requirements.

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