Discover New, Great Ideas With These “What If?” Cards



Creativity isn’t like a switch that you can easily flick to turn on and off as they please. Creative ideas don’t always come easy or fall on your lap. At times, it takes you hours upon hours just to formulate a concept. And sometimes, midway through, the entire thing gets scrapped because the idea turns out to be not so great at all. Whenever you feel that you hit a wall when it comes to coming up with ideas for a creative project, it might be a good idea to take a step back for a while and shuffle this new deck of cards aimed to better generate creative ideas: Triggers.


Launched via Kickstarter, Triggers is “a new tool for creative agencies and freelancers that focuses on the idea-generation process.” It is basically a deck of cards with different variations of “What if?” questions that encourage brainstorming, consider several possible outcomes, and explore different approaches in your creative concept.


The cards are purposely designed to look plain, which you can treat as a sort of blank canvas to visualize your idea right then and there. In addition, the deck also contains design thinking challenges, as well as ideas on advertising, campaigns, and new products and services. You can use Triggers by yourself or within a team. This could be a great part of your team building activity!





How to use it?

Each card question serves as a challenge, a “door” or “path” that will heighten you curiosity, activates your mind, and help you come up with creative ideas.


You must have a core problem, conflict that you want to solve. Pick a Triggers card and start brainstorming around it. Pick more as needed until you come up with a concrete idea.

How to use Triggers

Triggers cards

Each card has a corresponding category (there are four: “The Starter Stack”, “The User-centric Stack”, “The Innovation Stack” and “The Serendipity Stack”) that you can use separately or mix with others, depending on your project.

Triggers stacks

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