Dot’s Dictionary: A Cute Online Graphic Design Dictionary for Beginners

Anything fun and easily accessible is definitely a hit. Beginning graphic designers and those curious about the art form don’t have to look far and into different resources when learning about basic graphic design terms. Dot’s Dictionary, an online graphic design dictionary by Nana Adwoa Sey, is perfect for beginners and graphic design students to enrich them with the vocabulary of graphic design.


Dot's Dictionary home page


Accessible online, Dot’s Dictionary makes learning even easier and more enjoyable; the website features the official mascot, Dot, who takes us through basic graphic design terms that are explained using simple language. As Nana Adwoa Sey puts it:

Dot’s Dictionary is intended to be a brief introduction to the fundamental vocabulary of graphic design, not the be-all and end-all.

The Dictionary gives the curious reader enough of an understanding of the vocabulary of graphic design that they can either decide to continue to learn more, or apply their knowledge to a practical project.

Dot, the dictionary's mascot


The website also features endless scrolling through 24 words from ‘3 Color RGB’ to ‘Widow’. Each word is accompanied by an adorable illustration to demonstrate the definition clearly.


3 Color RGB

Color palette definition

Pixel definition


Even though Dot’s Dictionary offers a great amount of terms to serve as a quick reference, Nana Adwoa Sey also explained that this online graphic design dictionary doesn’t have detailed explanation; it isn’t an encyclopedia, but it’s good for those who are just starting on the learning process of getting the terms down. But with the effort to make a website with a lot of information seem exciting and simple, we bet that even professional and expert designers, like our team in MicroCreatives, would love to refresh our graphic design knowledge through such an inspiring and creative website.

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