Flexible Pricing Models to Suit Your Budget and Creative Needs


MicroCreatives, a full-service creative agency offering graphic design, web development, animation, and copywriting solutions, features three payment models based on the hours worked, on the project, and on the client’s requirements.



Hourly Rate

Projects that fall under the hourly rate are given the most flexibility out of all the options. With the Hourly Rate, clients and their projects are given most leeway, letting for a maximized utilization of creative services. With the creative team working hourly, the setup eliminates any time constraint with available project and bill updates. This setup is typical for small tasks that take less than 15 minutes to complete, as well as seasonal projects.

project proposal

Project Rate

With this pricing setup, prices depend on the project upon review and assessment. The time allotted in order to complete the project will include number of revisions as per agreed conditions. There will be times when the client is unsatisfied with the cost estimate; when this happens, the project proposal is open for further negotiation and discussion as necessary. With the Project-based Rate, MicroCreatives also offers new (and existing) clients, an all-in setup where it is possible to have project costing every time a project is sent. Cost estimates (either through a formal proposal or email) can be requested as projects are sent in.


Dedicated Staff

Clients can hire dedicated staff as needed. Long-term dedicated staff leasing is available with MicroCreatives. Month-long projects (or longer) will have a discounted rate with the invoice sent monthly. Along with your own creative staff, this all-inclusive pricing model also covers all the needed support straight from the creative team, such as creative direction and quality assurance.


MicroCreatives is also open to receive any inquiry you might have in mind regarding our creative services and processes, as well as for consultation about how we can help you, especially if you are unsure of which pricing model you need. We will be more than willing to get in touch with you to help you turn your goals and vision into reality. Get started today!

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