Free Download: E-Books on Practical Interaction Design

Free e-book download by UXPin

Perfect not just for web designers, but graphic artists and even web developers, the Practical Interaction Design Bundle is a helpful resource material that provides theoretical knowledge, guiding principles, and UI design information that are vital in web design. It is a generous free offer from the folks at UXPin, the collaborative prototyping app developer behind the free UX library.


Interaction Design Best Practices: Volume 1 features interaction design techniques, theories, and best practices that focus on the tangibles of “words, visuals, and space.” Interaction Design Best Practices: Volume 2 follows up with the intangibles, which include “time, responsiveness, and behaviour.” Lastly, Consistency in UI Design explores the common mistakes that attribute to internal inconsistency, situations that demand maintenance of consistency with external sites, and effectively breaking consistency while avoiding drawbacks.


This free e-book bundle contains more than 250 pages of information that many designers and even developers can benefit from. Our team of designers at MicroCreatives is constantly updated with the latest developments that make web design work seamlessly and effectively for your business. This e-book bundle draws and analyzes example from prominent companies, such as Netflix, Airbnb, Etsy, Behance, and Mint.

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