Free Download: iOS9 UI Kit for App and UI Design

When designing user interface (UI) elements and apps for iOS9, designers, including our dynamic team at MicroCreatives, don’t have to create everything from scratch. Design + Code has made available a handy GUI kit for iOS9 containing pre-made elements, all in vector format and can be used in Sketch. The kit is free to download!


UI kit for ios9 by Design + Code

Along with the iOS9 GUI kit for Sketch, Design + Code also provides the San Francisco font – also for free download. The San Francisco font is the official font used by Apple for iOS9.


iOS9 GUI kit by Design + Code

Complying with the latest Apple guidelines, the UI kit includes pre-made iOS9 elements such as the status, navigation, and tab bars, among other components. Aside from the iOS9 GUI kit for the iPhone, there is also an iOS9 GUI kit for the iPad (Mini, Air, and Pro).

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