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Plug-ins are vital not only when it comes to enhancing user experience, but also to improve web design. However, building and creating a UI design with a realistic look and feel is laborious and time-consuming. Web designers spend an inordinate amount of time not just creating developer-ready designs, but also copying and pasting, coming up with placeholder names, and working on multiple tabs to grab images.


These are some of the problems that Craft, a suite of tools for Sketch and Photoshop, aim to alleviate. It makes screen design workflows much easier by pulling in real data faster. Craft is not just an ordinary Photoshop plug-in. It is the first product from InVision LABS that not only enhances web design, but also takes it up a notch by “designing with real data.” It features intuitive controls that allow users to highlight and drop in content with a single click, therefore significantly speeding up the process.


Craft is a powerful plug-in where designers can populate their work automatically using contextually relevant content straight from their own computer. This is an integral factor that helps designers make better decisions to enhance UI with as minimal time as possible. Broken into three different plug-ins, namely Type, Photos, and Duplicate, users can easily find all three directly inside Sketch and Photoshop upon installation. The best part of it is that InVision LABS offer Craft for free, and that InVision LABS suggests that there are more design tools on the way.


Watch the video below to find out how Craft works.

Craft plug-in

Craft Official from InVision on Vimeo.

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