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There’s a new font shop that our designers at MicroCreatives are stoked about: HypeForType! While it has been around for quite a few years now, HypeForType recently launched a new look for its website that’s set to compete with the top font sites.


hypefortype logo


Owned by independent designer Alex Haigh, HypeForType’s website was built for more than two years. Home to 20,000 new web fonts and 8,000 new wordmarks on top of its collection of more than 30,000 fonts, HypeForType works with more than 300 type foundries in around 58 countries to provide the best paid and free fonts and typefaces.


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The website is also easily accessible anytime, anywhere, thanks to its responsive design – more reason for it to become your go-to font shop to buy and freely download the fonts and typefaces you need. HypeForType’s features include allowing its users to browse by popularity, by style, and by category. If you have a specific foundry in mind, you can also search fonts per foundry.


popular fonts

You can also view the recently added fonts as well as those on sale. To make it even easier for you to choose the perfect font, the Fonts In Use page shows you some inspiration and ideas on how the font will appear on actual design. You can also upload your own project! Pretty neat, right?


fonts in use


On top of daily fresh content, HypeForType and its owner Alex Haigh takes pride in its sophisticated look as well as striking functionality. This website is definitely “by a designer, for designers.” Alex also adds that he puts “emphasis not only on the type itself, but on the design and visual aspect. After all we are visual people, and we desire visual things.”


Have you tried to download and use a font from HypeForType? Let us know what you think!

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