How to Outsource Web Design Tasks

According to the evidence-based research company, Nielsen Norman Group, there’s a small ten-second window for websites to make an impression on web visitors. Sometimes it isn’t even that long since websites are immediately abandoned by 40% of web users if it takes more than three seconds for the page to load.


Now you know the numbers that affect your web visibility, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What do I need to make a good first impression?

First impression online is heavily influenced by a perfectly executed web design that looks good and does not obstruct legibility and functionality.

  1. What do I do if I’m not confident in my web design skills or I don’t have the time to work on a design and do not have an in-house designer?

There are dependable creative outsourcing partners available to tackle all your web design-related tasks.

  1. How do I know if outsourcing web design tasks will work for me?

Outsourcing design tasks is for you if you’re looking for a person or a team to help you with web design for only a specific period of time, and if you’re looking for high-quality work at a lower cost.


Once you have decided that you need to outsource your web design tasks, below are some tips to make the most out of creative outsourcing.


Consider Your Options

First, carefully consider and reconsider your options. Look for web designers through referrals or do an online search for companies that offer creative process outsourcing. When you’ve figured out the right option to go for, think of ways to make the most out of that option. Make sure to be clear what needs to be done. Our MicroCreatives website has a contact form that potential clients can fill out to get started. We can also be easily reached via email at


You will then be provided a creative brief to get more information regarding your web design requirements. Be as detailed as possible so you won’t waste both your and the potential designer’s time. To help you consider and reconsider your options, we will provide a proposal detailing the cost estimate and proposed timeline based on the creative brief.


Know What Type of Designer You Need to Hire

Hire a professional web and graphic designer. They may be two different persons or much better if one person is an expert at both. There are so many kinds of design profession so it’s important to pick the right one fit for the task. And for a web design project, it should be undertaken by both web and graphic designers.


Outsourcing your web design project to a designer or a design team that specializes at only one of the two skills may not give you the outcome you expect. Hiring a person or a team with both graphic design and web design experience ensures you work with those who understand how to develop an interesting and captivating layout, and how to optimize various web page elements to make for the best online experience.


Start with a Simple Task

If you’re new to outsourcing and want to test this kind of service first, it’s smart to just start with a simple task. This one task can be tweaking an element on your blog or creating a layout for a single web page. This should work as a practice to see and get a feel of how your creative outsourcing partner will handle the work given. The first design task can be considered as a test since it will let you try out the services offered without having to feel like you’re putting too much at risk, in case you think you and the designer aren’t a good fit.


Finalize Agreements

Save yourself from unnecessary headache by securing the contract before the designer gets started with the project. Both parties should know and agree on things like: scope of work, deadlines, liability, payment terms, ownership, revisions, and other terms and conditions.


MicroCreatives offers flexible price setups. You can choose between hourly rate, project rate, or dedicated staff leasing, depending on what fits for your project. Once you have decided with a setup, we can then finalize the agreement where you will be required to settle a down payment. There will be also times that a contract and a down payment won’t be necessary, for simple tasks for example, but it is important that all agreements are confirmed by both parties and documented through email with everyone involved always on the loop.


Keep a Constant Communication

Communicating effectively not just before but also DURING the project reduces the risk of misunderstanding design instructions. There probably isn’t anything worse than spending the money and time on a project that looks far from what you had in mind. Reduce mistakes by keeping in touch with the hired designer as they go through the design process. Communication can be done through email, instant messaging programs, among others. However, be careful you don’t hound on your designers. Let them have a bit of creative freedom and ask for updates between reasonable amounts of time. No one likes to work while someone breathes down their neck.


Outsourcing web design tasks to the right designer or team of designers can do wonders, not only to the layout and optimization of the design, but also in generating leads and conversions. Apply these tips to your next outsourced project with us!


Reference: Just Creative

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