Illustrations Of 9 Tough Decisions Designers Can Absolutely Relate To

Each designer has his or her own unique creative process, and making decisions is a huge part of it. Designers, even our own team at MicroCreatives, encounter problems on almost a daily basis, ranging from dealing with a difficult client to choosing between two colors that are a shade different from each other.


The guys over at Yoke Design, a Melbourne-based multifunctional creative agency, made a series of witty illustrations that accurately depict nine kinds of situations that all designers find themselves into every day. Some of these might be trivial, but there’s usually more thought put into making these decisions and acting on them than they seem.


And since these issues occur every day, the decision-making should get easier over time. It does, sometimes. But circumstances vary every day. However, making the right choice always pays off in the end, making every tough moment worth it.


Check out these images below, which you can also download here, courtesy of Yoke Design.


Tough Designer Decisions: Coffee


Tough Designer Decisions: Color


Tough Designer Decisions: Typefaces


Tough Designer Decisions: Packaging


Tough Designer Decisions: Sketch Book


Tough Designer Decisions: Text Alignment


Tough Designer Decisions: Fashion


Tough Designer Decisions: Tools

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