Redesigning an Iconic Brand with Minimalist Concept

ikea original vs concept


When it comes to iconic logos and branding, famous Swedish furniture retailer IKEA is known worldwide. It has undergone five changes since 1951, and its present blue and yellow logo (which has the same colors as Sweden’s national flag) has been used since 1983, maintaining the same typeface since 1954.


The philosophy behind its current logo design is celebrating its Swedish origins, where “nature and home both play a big part in people’s lives.”  And it also symbolizes IKEA’s furnishing style, which is fresh and simple, yet timeless and known around the world.


Keeping this core design philosophy in mind, UK-based graphic designer Kierene Gollings created a redesign concept of the IKEA logo, reinforcing the unrestrained, unpretentious, and timeless quality of IKEA products, while keeping with the changing design trends.


It has a visibly cleaner look, following the origins of its Scandinavian aesthetics, “keep[ing] the same colours but wanted to change the style of the entire font”— taking out the iconic yellow oval and making it the primary font color against a solid blue backdrop.


ikea redesign concept

ikea rebrand concept

ikea minimalist concept

ikea concept logo


What do you think of Kierene’s concept? Do you think this cleaner look would work?

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