See The World’s Largest Private Collection Of Apple Products In The New ‘Apple Museum’

Since Apple Inc. took over the world by storm, led by its founders Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne, and Steve Wozniak, the company has changed the course of history and the way consumers have utilized technology. But the technical and engineering aspects are not only what Apple is well known for. Its cutting-edge, innovative industrial design has made a massive impact on the market, veering away from the conventional and the traditional.


“Design matters,” according to Steve Jobs.  Here at MicroCreatives, we abide by this principle. Design with a purpose, with function. It is extremely important to us to not put design as a second-rate priority, but to give it equal weight as we create products and render services to you.


In the new Apple Museum, fans, enthusiasts, and Apple users (or not) have the chance to take a peek into Apple’s rich history.


The gallery is located in Prague, and houses the largest private and most unique collection of Apple products since 1976. Not only that, you can also learn more about Steve Jobs’ legacy, and see famous and little-known Pixar and Next products as well. There’s also an interactive space dedicated for children.


There’s also a museum bistro which offers raw vegan food, in honor of Steve Jobs and his preferred diet.


Purchase tickets from Apple Museum’s website.


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