The Happy Film: Stefan Sagmeister on Designing Happiness

Last month at the Tribeca Film Festival 2016, a feature-length documentary was shown, called “The Happy Film”. It is a 95-minute documentary featuring a graphic design experiment by director Stefan Sagmeister, co-founder of design firm Sagmeister & Walsh. Along with Sagmeister, Ben Nabors and Hillman Curtis also directed The Happy Film.


The Happy Film follows Sagmeister, a New York graphic designer, while he takes on a series of systematical self-experiments to pursue happiness and find out its causes. The experiments are backed by psychology and test three popular approaches: meditation, behavioral therapy, and drugs.


In his journey to designing happiness, Sagmeister’s documentary makes us realize that it is inevitable to encounter various feelings and experiences, such as heartbreak, love, death, ecstasy, change, and joy in the pursuit of happiness. As a graphic designer, The Happy Film also demonstrates Sagmeister’s creative and adventurous spirit through graphics, charts, and other whimsical visuals.


Watch the trailer of the documentary below.


The Happy Film (festival trailer) from {group theory} on Vimeo.

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