This Awesome Logo Changes Its Shape by the Sound of Your Voice

Wolff Olins, a well-known branding agency, made a huge impact in the creatives industry when they created the trademark image for huge Brazilian telecommunications company, Oi.

Oi Brazil

The iconic “blobble” logo, not to mention being one of the pioneers of flexible design, has become so iconic in Brazil that it pushed the brand to the top of the food chain, in just a short span of time. After fifteen years, it looks like the agency hasn’t run out of tricks up its sleeve, as it has made another innovative move for Oi: not just a rehash of the trademark look, but it also included a “logo generator,” which made the shape and color of the logo adapt to the sound of a customer’s voice.


While the new logo didn’t stray far from its original concept, what set it apart from its first form was that the blob-like theme of the logo had accompanying variations in terms of shapes and colors. Seventy new shapes were added into the mix, and it could look more than that when the logo’s animated. Three main color gradients were included to the static logo, which included shades of orange/pink, electric blue/purple, and neon green/yellow.


Oi blobble logo


With help of digital design studio Onformative, Wolff Olins took a huge step for Oi to make its logo somehow the same, but different at the same time (yes, that might’ve sounded a bit confusing, but they still pulled it off). The idea of making different versions of the same logo and make it animated seemed to be a really nice play.


Campbell Butler, design director at Wolff Olins, explained that the aim of the application was to have an organic and beautiful response to human voices. With its ability to adjust to a voice of a particular user (and there are MANY), the logo’s color and shape combinations could be endless!

Oi responsive logo

Butler indicated that although there was “some intense creative science going on” when they were choosing the appropriate colors for the logo, they eventually decided to keep it simple, and chose colors “based on intuition and basic color theory.”


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