This Tool Will Help You Negotiate with Clients Over Email

Creative agencies have pricing setups that are flexible to the client’s requirements. Here at MicroCreatives, our rates have three options: hourly rate, project flat rate, and dedicated staffing.  But for creative freelancers, their rates tend to be more negotiable, making them prone to emails from clients asking for unreasonably lower rates, or worse, free labor or favors.


Professionals and newbies alike often find themselves at a loss for words when it comes to email correspondence with clients. Often, the emails that are hard to draft are the emails where you have to negotiate with clients. Specifically, when you have to say “no” or ask for a higher pricing standard.


How do you politely decline or negotiate terms with clients? Jessica Hische, a lettering artist and author, developed Jessica’s Client Email Helper to help us say “no” to free labor and low-budget projects and ask for more favorable project terms.


Jessica’s Client Email Helper provides different email templates for different types of clients – ad agency, general client, nonprofit, charity, and friend – and for different types of budget – none, very low, good.


See examples of the email drafts below.


For a general client with very low budget.


For a friend.

Jessica’s Client Email Helper is ideal for creative freelancers who need to negotiate a lot with clients when it comes to asking for fair compensation. Furthermore, this tool is also helpful for agencies when discussing other project terms such as the project timeline and other contract curveballs such as the project scope, non-compete clause, and white labeling.


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