Unique, Non-Traditional Business Cards for Architects, Engineers, and Designers

The “art” of business card design has transcended beyond paper and ink. It has transformed into different forms, kinds, and even shapes. And while the digital age has contributed to massive shift from paper to virtual space, its purpose is essentially the same – and will remain so: establishing a new partnership, whether with potential clients or building connections or networks. A creative, captivating business card speaks in volumes. At MicroCreatives, our team of graphic artists has designed business cards for various kinds of products and services. Innovative and effective concepts are essential to us in order to create a positive, long-lasting impression.


For architects, designers, engineers, landscapers, and urbanists – simple, classy, and monochromatic designs with muted prints are popular, although new, unconventional forms and materials are also explored, as well as bolder colors. Below are some examples of cards that can serve as inspiration:





Blueprint business card

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