Vectr: A Free Graphics Tool

Did you want to try creating vector graphics, but didn’t want to cash out on expensive software? Vectr is a new, reliable, and free vector graphics software made for web and desktop. Launched in September 2016, Vectr was made to provide simple yet powerful cross-platform support through its many plugins, tools, and features. With Vectr, even beginners can start designing in no time. The software was designed to work as a free alternative to software available today that are typically over-complicated and packed with features and buttons which are too daunting to anyone who wants to learn.




The steep learning curve is minimized through Vectr’s smart tool integration that lets users personalize and add the plugins and the tools needed. With its HTML5 Canvas API, the software also lets users make their own plugins. Not only is Vectr free to use, its community also features work made by other people you can download directly. You can also upload your work and share to your social media accounts. You can also share a unique URL to the rest of the team for real-time collaboration. Anyone you share the link with can watch you create your design live, so they can quickly provide feedback along the way.



Unlike raster graphics, vector graphics allow you to produce artwork that always remains clean and blur-free even when scaled to any size. Vectr dares to challenge other vector graphics software with its ‘free forever’ claim.


Today, Vectr is the only one of its kind – a cross-platform software that is supported by Mac, Windows, Chromebook, and Linux. You can either download Vectr and install it on your desktop or use it through your web browser. Currently, it does not work on Firefox, but the team is assuring that Firefox support is on the way.


If you find making vector graphics to be a bit frustrating, let the web and graphic designers of MicroCreatives do the job and give you a peace of mind. Our in-house designers are flexible and will fit with the goals of your business.

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