VIDEO: On Grammar – Does It Matter?

"The alien and I," not "Me and the alien."

It’s not a trick question.


We all know that language is essential, and we also know that there are established rules in order to make it work tremendously effective for everyone. This is where grammar comes in, which is traditionally defined as “the set of rules that explain how words are used in a language.” When this set of rules are not followed, these errors can range from negligible to grave, and miscommunication and totally incorrect idea and/or thought can be mistakenly relayed.


However, it’s also important to note that language is continuously evolving, adapting to the changing times. So it is only natural that the rules should also make room for these changes. Or is it? There’s no questioning on how important grammar is. But does it really matter? This short TED-Ed talk by Senior Lecturer in Linguistics Andreea S. Calude says that it depends on what we think matters: the rules or language’s nuances over time. Can we bend the rules? Are there exceptions? What are the rules that apply to both spoken language and written language? Which ones do not?


Prescriptivism vs. Descriptivism


Watch the video below.



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