Watch: Two Kinds of Graphic Designers

We often see graphics in social media comically comparing people’s opposing traits, and often with the caption, “There are two kinds of people in the world.” The 2 Kinds of People Tumblr page is dedicated to illustrating the witty and extreme comparisons that people relate with.


In the world of creatives, how do we apply these comparisons? What are the two kinds of graphic designers? Design resource site Pixelo gives their take on the two kinds of graphic designers in the world through a creative video clip they posted on Facebook.


Design is a fun, creative way of determining how things should look and function, while designers are the people who often work behind the scenes, planning, building, and drawing design concepts in detail. But there’s more to design and designers than what meets the eye. Take a look at the clip below and learn more about what sets one designer from another.



The comparisons shown through the short clip cover all sorts of things from attitude towards work, preferred programs, gadgets and work tools, how messy or organized the graphic designer’s desk is, and even the time of getting up for work, to name a few. One may look more agreeable than the other, but there is no right and wrong with graphic designers’ behaviors. It’s more of what works best for them to produce the best quality output while keeping the client’s requirements and best interests in mind, and meet the deadline at the same time.


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