Ways to Fight Deadline Overwhelm

Ah, deadlines, don’t you just love that word? When you search its meaning on Google, the first definition that will come up is “the latest time or date by which something should be completed,” followed by the other definition which is “a line drawn around a prison beyond which prisoners were liable to be shot.” The former is what we’re talking about, although it sometimes feels like the latter, doesn’t it?



There is just something about the word ‘deadline’ that puts pressure on people, especially in the creative and advertising  industry, where meeting the deadline is crucial. And oftentimes, due to the numerous tasks needed to be accomplished at the same time, we tend to suffer ‘deadline overwhelm.’


We have listed below things that you can do to avoid caffeine overload and bang your head against the wall. Get ready, because we’re about to enter an expressway ‘to helping you fight deadline overwhelm.



Having so many things to do with so little time could really mess up our game. Often, it ends up in us having poor results or not accomplishing anything at all. What we need to do here is to get you to focus only on the task you’re currently doing and avoid taking the time and effort on constantly thinking what to do next.


Creating a to-do list will do all those things for you. Breaking down every activity into lists will assure you that you’re not missing anything. A to-do list will do you wonders, especially during crunch time; it will help you avoid getting your head all over the place. It also answers confusion by giving you a solid idea of what you need to do and how to achieve it.


Having a list of things to do could decrease your stress level and will give you the sense of accomplishment by simply crossing out the tasks you have finished.



After having a list of what to perform, it’s time for you to put things in the proper perspective. This is the part where you assess the activities and identify which should be prioritized.


In case that they all equally matter and all needs to be finished at the same time, what you can do is to start with the task you are most comfortable with. It may be a work on design that is related to comics, which you are fond of, or an article about your favorite brewed coffee. By starting with the things that you already have an idea about or you think you could finish at a faster pace could give a good warm up for the rest of the activities you need to complete.



Being bombarded by the multitude of deadlines could really take its toll on you, and probably, it could reflect on your work. Taking a time to breathe under a ticking time bomb could be a good answer for you to achieve your maximum goal in beating the deadlines.


Giving yourself a break will reset your brain, refreshing it to do the work. It will also boost focus and productivity.


If you’re still having a hard time relaxing, you may try out apps like Breathe2Relax. It collects data related to stress (your heart rate, breathing pattern, etc.) and calculates the data to give proper breathing sessions and much more to stabilize mood, strengthen anger control, and fight anxiety.



Effective time management is the ultimate solution to beating the deadline without stress.  Making sure that every minute that runs is a time well spent on the project.


If you have other things to do such as house chores, getting a haircut, or even walking out to get some supplies, make sure that you are at least doing little things to meet your deadlines. Things like thinking for a good headline while washing the dishes or contemplating on an interesting concept for your design could do great things even if you’re not currently working on the task.


The important thing here is that you should never let the deadline mindset fluctuate while doing other things. Keep cool, calm, and collected but still under the clock.



Deadline overwhelm is caused by anxiety and vice versa. Accepting that you are in a stressful situation and doing something about it by actually doing the work could simplify the process.


Constantly thinking that you are in a stressful position would divert your energy to the wrong direction. It would also affect the way your mind works. Instead of working and having a result, you view yourself as a wimp and just anticipate failure.


Remember to not let yourself get beaten up by the challenge, and focus on how to execute the task.



This is the “make or break” factor in the process. You can never get the result if you simply don’t do any action. You may manage time, tasks, and your emotions, but by the end of the day, the result depends primarily on how you move.


The important thing here is that to get things done. True, a situation full of deadlines can be overwhelming, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be managed.


That is why creative agencies like MicroCreatives are here to help you with every creative dilemma you are suffering and makes sure that you’re on the dot to success.

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