Pricing Setup

Smart options to fit your project needs.

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Hourly Rate

Choosing the Hourly Rate pricing offers the most flexibility among our pricing setups. If you’re keen on maximizing the potential of our creative monsters, the Hourly Rate setup removes time constraints. Want to know the running bill? Just email us, and we’ll let you know right away.

Pay As You Go

Most of our clients begin with Project Rate pricing setup and eventually settle on the Hourly Rate setup. We also have clients who send us short-term projects that are mainly production-centric, such as logo resizing and quick website updates. We have a European client who sends in logo resizing projects every now and then. These projects take no more than 15 minutes to finish, so there is no need to go through the standard process of project assessment. The designer records time spent on resizing the logo, and we send a monthly bill to the client for payment. Hourly rate setup works best for small projects such as flyers, business card designs, or blog writing.

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Project Rate

For Project Rate pricing, we review your project and assess the time needed to complete your project, including unlimited revisions (conditions apply, though). We send you a cost estimate for your review. If the price is right, we can have the project scheduled for production right away. If you’re unsatisfied with the cost estimate, we can discuss and negotiate.

Everything In One Price

New clients usually take on project rates for their initial projects with MicroCreatives. Some of our existing clients have stayed with the Project Rate setup, especially if they have a budget to work with. We have several existing clients who require a project costing every time they send in a project. For example, we have an Australian client with whom we have been working with for almost three years now. They ask for a cost estimate every time they send a project. The cost estimate can either be a formal proposal (if they need one), or a simple email. For standard graphic design services, such as logo design and development, DL flyers, and A4 gatefold brochures, we have a standard rate card for those interested in white-labeling our services.

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Dedicated Staff

Need your own MicroCreatives monster, but only for a month? You can go for Dedicated Staff leasing. We provide discounted rates for month-long projects. You will be invoiced for a whole month, and your dedicated monster will work only on your projects, plus all the support of our management staff (creative direction, QA check).

Leasing A Monster

Clients who are waiting for their very own staff from MicroSourcing’s managed operations usually contact us to begin their operations immediately. A dedicated MicroCreatives monster will work for their project for one whole month while their own MicroSourcing staff undergoes pre-employment processes. For example, a specialized news service company engaged one of our writers for more than a month as they awaited their own writer from MicroSourcing. On the other hand, some clients take on Dedicated Staff leasing contracts with us to augment their existing MicroSourcing operation. An Australian development company recently hired one of our developers for a month to complement their existing team. Another Australian company had also “leased” one of our designers for five months, even becoming the client’s employee for the month.

Under the Dedicated Staff pricing setup, you immediately get a designer, a developer, or a copywriter, without going through the hassles of recruitment. On top of that, you don’t have to pay for software or for administrative fees – you get a creative director, an account manager, and QA specialist. And don’t forget the discounted rate you get for hiring a monster for a month.

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