3 Important Reasons We Still Need Business Cards

In our past blog post, we discussed why print is still relevant and the fact that it is actually evolving rather than becoming obsolete amid the digital age. And while many businesses today still rely on print for marketing and networking initiatives, does this include business cards?


Business communications and networking are some of the things affected by the digital revolution. And with the rise of social media, building networks has never been easier. Before, conferences and conventions are held to build webs of connections. These events are attended by businessmen to talk about their businesses and hopefully, continue it by giving out business cards. Now, platforms like LinkedIn, Viadeo, and Facebook help enterprises get in the mix with their colleagues, business associates, and potential clients.


In the digital age, do we still need business cards? What difference will business cards make if all types of information can be easily found online?


Yes, business cards still matter. And it will make all the difference and create a great first impression. Here are 3 reasons we still need business cards and ways they can help you and your business stand out.


It Tells a Story

Let your card do the extra talking. Incorporating your brand story along with your basic info – name, job title, company name, and contact details – can create an interesting business card. Your brand story includes your brand or company’s colors, logo, typography, and style. Add some creativity by customizing your business card even more. Business cards can be in any form as long as it is handy. Play with shapes by making your business cards in the form of a cupcake for bake shops or a flower pot for landscaping services. By expressing who you are and your company’s identity and what it offers don’t only make an interesting business card, but also make it memorable.


It Leaves a Physical Impression

Business cards serve as a physical manifestation of you and your company to others. It spawns appreciation and helps you be memorable to the card’s recipient. Nowadays, it is easier to whip up your smartphones to add, follow, and connect with someone, but moments later, forgets the affiliation.


Handing out business cards provide time for the recipient to dwell on you and your company. It can also be a great conversation starter that paves a way to create more depth to building bonds with people in the industry. Social media has become saturated that having a business card is a good idea to stand out and break the monotony.


Creative Business Cards are a Bang for the Buck

There are a lot of resources available that make creating and customizing business cards easier and more affordable. You can find different tools, templates, and tips and instructions that best suit your brand and style. When looking for resources, make sure to take everything into consideration, from the elements you want to add to the materials you are going to use.


Don’t have time to create one? There are agencies that offer creative services to cater to your needs. Companies like MicroCreatives offer a helping hand in customizing unique business cards that only your brand will possess. Outsourcing creative tasks like creating business cards give you more time to focus on improving your business and brand. It is cost-efficient and you can guarantee that your project is handled by industry professionals.



A business card’s purpose is to create a solid first impression. It could also be your golden ticket to score a great opportunity. Be sure that your business card possesses the right elements that will encourage your prospects to call you back.