3 Ways Videos are Improved by Web Design

Beyond informative and engaging headlines and write-ups, websites take content to the next level by incorporating moving visual content such as animation and videos. In fact, in 2015, The Guardian declared online video as “the future of content marketing” and included tech giant Cisco’s forecast that video will account for 69% of all consumer Internet traffic by this year.


These types of content have been proven to contribute to a website’s increase in conversion rates, engagement, and web traffic. Video has proven its massive worth and potential reach, with YouTube alone amassing more than one billion unique visitors watching hundreds of millions of hours of YouTube videos every day. It goes without saying that video has become a priority for brands to take advantage of its marketing value, motivating web designers to seek new and effective ways on how to merge videos with web design. And here in MicroCreatives, combining the two elements is not a new scenario.


Don’t let your web videos go to waste and make sure they convey your brand’s message and make an impact by considering these three ways:


Put Videos Above the Fold

“Above the fold” is a term widely used in web design. Originally used to describe the upper half of the newspaper page, it is now known to be the upper part of a web page which is visible without scrolling. Putting the video in the prominent part of the web design can guarantee focus and clean design.


There are best practices to consider when applying the videos to web design, and along with those is to ensure that the videos are in a position where they will be noteworthy enough to generate interest in your web space.


Incorporate White Space and Ensure Contrast

Complementing videos with design does not always mean they need to be all in one space together. This can make the page look crowded and the design might overpower the video, rendering the latter easy to miss. Web design should complement videos by providing ample white space for every design element to prevent your website from looking chaotic and crowded. Videos are incorporated into web design to make your message clear to your visitors. But putting all your tricks in one basket can create confusion and may distract your visitors to what your brand is selling.


Be particular about the elements that you put into your web design. Knowing who your customers are and arranging content in proper hierarchy can help you create a web design that flows smoothly and is easy to the eye.


It is also equally important to embed videos on a white or off-white background to give more focus on the content. Designers opt for this background for legibility. The contrast between the background and content guides visitors to where they should center their sight.


Limit Video Length and Size

When it comes to video length, experts say that you only have 10 seconds to capture and engage an audience to decide if they will continue to check the rest of your website or check something else. Ultimately, length varies depending on what type of content you want to offer, what platform or what device your audience will watch the video on, what your audience expects from watching it, and what kind of action you want for your audience to take.

Your video also must have a low bitrate to avoid longer buffering times. Remember, your video’s purpose is to complement or augment your content, not take away the focus altogether from the message you want to convey to your visitors. Make your video work with your content, not against it.



Design elements that complement each other can direct the journey of customers and build a better user experience. This will result in having loyal visitors and an increase in website traffic, and ultimately a higher conversion rate.


There are a lot of things to consider in making the videos part of the web design, from proper typography to customer knowledge and appropriate tools in accomplishing it, which may require professional help. Many brands now choose to have a creative outsourcing partner that can provide them with creative services and pieces of advice while giving clients more time to center their attention to the other aspect of the business.


Videos that are improved by web design offer an opportunity to show your brand’s personality and vision and create stronger bonds with your visitors. It helps you mark your brand to the consumers’ mind.