The 5 Types of Logos

It is necessary that your logo, aside from it having a striking design, should be a substantial symbol that mirrors what the company and brand stand for. If you have just started to establish your brand and identity or plan to rebrand, do you know how to choose the right type of logo that will go best with your brand?


The different logo designs can be categorized into five types. Get to know each of them to help you decide.



Abstract logos are conceptual designs that leave a lasting impression. It triggers curiosity and creates recall. And because of its peculiarity, it is an instant attention grabber which is favorable for any brand. Because of its imaginative quality, having a creative partner can do wonders in the process. Creative agencies like MicroCreatives offer graphic design services for a unique abstract logo.


Big companies and organizations like National Geographic, Adidas, and the Olympic Games are good examples of brands utilizing an abstract logo design. These are big enterprises that already have an established image, a great following, and the budget to get consumers to associate an abstract logo to their brand name.


Character design

MailChimp, KFC, and Mr. Clean are examples of brands that use characters or mascots as their logo. It’s an effective tool in giving personality to a brand and making it more relatable and friendly. Character logos provide an instant face and spokesperson for many brands. This type of design is usually the top choice for businesses targeting families and kids.



Lettermark logo designs use letters to create a unique typographic mark. It is preferred by brands with long company names, compressed into initials or acronyms that are catchier and easier to remember. When choosing to go with a lettermark logo, a meticulous selection of colors and fonts is essential. Familiarizing yourself with the company’s vision and merging it with current design trends can help you produce a timeless lettermark logo design. Brands that have lettermark logos include CNN, IBM, and H&M.



Wordmark logos are typography logos that use the company name as the main design element. In this case, having a unique and short brand name can be advantageous, since a long business name is not as catchy and memorable and can be quite tricky to design. Just like lettermark logos, the choice of colors and fonts should be relevant to your brand nature. The best solution is to have a wordmark font custom designed for your brand’s use only.



A combination logo is a design that infuses both text and icon or symbol into one riveting logo. This design elevates branding by adding an easy-to-remember icon beside your brand name. It adds visual appeal while hitting the nail on the head on what your brand is for. Examples include the logos of Burger King, NASA, and Walt Disney Pictures. This design works best by having a professional designer do the job. They can help you achieve better results and guide you through the designing process.



Like choosing a baby’s name, there is a large amount of pressure thrust in the process of designing a logo for your brand.  A good research on the things you want to reflect on your logo is much recommended. And a little help from the design professionals doesn’t hurt as well. Your logo has a lasting effect not only on your business but also to your audience, so make sure it perfectly captures the image and positioning you want to establish.