6 Qualities of a High Converting Blog

One of the tools used in modern marketing is a blog. It is one of the most prominent features of a website, primarily because it helps web users to have an in-depth knowledge about the product or service that you offer.  Blogs provide a wide platform for businesses, brands, influencers, and marketers to publish content that can convert potential customers to a devoted patron.


With SEO techniques as the standard of effective content marketing, having a blog that is regularly updated with fresh content has been more significant to increase your website’s online visibility and create web traffic. The question we need to ask now is this: does your blog convert? You may have a regularly updated blog, but if it doesn’t generate revenues for your business and brand, then the time and effort will be put to waste.


It’s not enough that you get a reader’s attention; it also should be able to generate leads and conversions. So what are the qualities of a high converting blog?



Publishing an original content doesn’t only make the blog post distinct, but it also helps in keeping your reader’s attention. The brainstorming process is essential in achieving originality, so invest your time in researching and conceptualizing. It takes time and effort to come up with an original content, but pitching a one-of-a-kind idea to your readers can help your blog post create an impact and convert prospecting customers.



Practical information can turn an ordinary blog post into a high converting one. Knowing what your readers need and answering it is one of the many purposes of a blog post. By helping them solve their problems, providing the right information, and giving a good time reading your post increase the chances of converting them. To successfully generate a blog post with high practical value is to figure out the issues and inquiries your readers have and address them with useful solutions.



Readers respond very well to blog posts that shed light on urgent situations. This is because of the time sensitive information in the blog post. Though they may not currently be in the state of crisis, they will be more likely spread the article with others which can increase your brand’s online visibility. Blog posts with a sense of urgency are those with information that you should do now before it’s too late, such as what to do in emergencies, and the like.



No matter how short or long your blog posts are, we can all agree that it should be substantial. Add substance to your content by adding statistical data, scientific studies, case studies, and factual claims. Longer content does have the upper hand in terms of search rankings, inbound links, and number of shares. But make sure that they are not dragging. 500-800 words should be enough, but if the blog post needs to be longer, keep your readers’ focus by adding engaging supporting visuals such as graphs, infographics, icons, and animation. Keep in mind that readers convert when they are provided with the right information. Whether it is about the benefits they’ll get or how to solve a certain problem, people won’t convert with a short selling blog post.



Giving your blog a casual and relatable tone can create a personal connection with your readers. Earn your readers’ trust and encourage them to engage in the reading experience. This can contribute to the possibility of them converting.  Avoid using jargons that they could not understand. Part of writing a compelling blog post is knowing who your audience is. This can help you create a content that would not only interest them but would also connect with them.



Your blog post should establish authority. Readers will most likely to believe in a blog post that stands with what it says and encourages them to take action. The content doesn’t have to sound imperative all the time, but make sure to include a strong call-to-action that will encourage the readers to convert. The content should move them to do a certain action, whether it is to like a page, click a button, or enter their email. CTAs should be clear, concise, and direct. High converting blog posts should motivate your readers to continue to the next process.


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