8 Design Tips for Web Banner Ads

Web banner ads are not only an affordable medium to increase brand awareness, it is also a measurable and effective approach in boosting your online traffic. But of course, having just any banner ad isn’t going to be as effective as a well-designed banner ad. So, to ensure that you secure those clicks for your business website, level up your banner ad design game to an irresistibly good one. Start making use of one of the most prominent forms of marketing now and create the most clickable banner ad with these few tips.


Know the size and where to place it

You can not just make a web banner ad in any size, there are specific sizes that you must adhere to. And according to Google Adsense, there are four standard sizes that are the most successful in terms of web banner ad sizes.


To help give you an idea, these are the four most successful banner ad sizes:


web ad banner sizes


Of course, while knowing the right size is important, knowing where you can strategically place it plays a huge role in determining whether it will be effective or not. To reap the benefits of a good web banner ad, secure a space close to the main content of a page. Doing so will easily help you catch the eyes of people while they look through the content of a website.


Know the basic components

Other than the size and the strategic location of a web banner ad, its content matters. No matter how stunning your design is, if it lacks any of the basic components of a web banner ad, it fails to serve its purpose. Thus in creating the ad, ensure that you have the company logo, the value proposition, and a call to action present in it, no matter the size. The company logo helps in establishing brand awareness, while the value proposition or the targeted message attracts the reader with offers on your product or service. To complete this set, a call to action, which comes either in the form of text or a button, invites users to click on the ad, which then redirects them to your business website.


Keep it simple

Grasping the attention of your audience is important, but you wouldn’t want them to be overwhelmed with the visual and content. So, other than knowing the basic components of an effective ad, keeping your design simple with strategically placed buttons can help you generate more clicks.


Use borders and text hierarchy

Did you know that people’s eyes are naturally drawn to anything within a frame? With a border around your ad, the chances of having more eyes direct their attention to your marketing tool are even higher. Of course, having different font sizes for your headline and body copy makes a whole lot of difference, even more so if it does not go over four lines.


Go up another notch

A killer copy and nice typography make the most of an effective web banner ad. But if you’re looking into other ways to level up your marketing game, using imagery that varies from high-quality photography, licensed stock photos, to original illustrations and graphics can help enhance your message as well. These days, using animation is also seen to be capable of delivering even better results than static ones. However, keeping the attention on your message instead of the animation could be tricky. So if you ever plan on using an animated web banner ad, be sure to use simple animations that won’t last for more than 15 seconds and won’t loop more than thrice.


Put a balance between standing out and blending in

Complementing the website where your banner is placed makes gaining your viewer’s trust easier, but it is still important to not blend in too much. Always make sure that your banner stays visible and clickable. Using bold colors that contrast with each other will keep your ad from being subtle and help bring a sense of visual urgency to your banner’s message.


Be consistent

Whatever offer it is that you include in your copy should be what welcomes your site visitors the moment that they click on your ad. Beyond having eye-catching web banner ads, guaranteeing that it matches your branding and leads to the right landing page for your customers is an integral part of an effective banner.


Keep it small and compatible

It should only take a second to grasp the attention of your viewers with your ad, and to do so, it has to load fast before a page is even scrolled down. For the best results, ensure that your web banner ad’s file size is not more than 150kb. In fact, the smaller the file size is, the better, since it will be able to load faster. While size matters, the file format of your web banner ad is important too. Remember that flash ads are not always compatible with all devices and that JPG, PNG, GIF, or HTML5 files should always be your working deliverables.


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