A Chaos Party In Yer Head!

If you think that you can stay 100% focused at work – then congratulations! But then again, why are you reading this if you’re supposed to be working? Gotcha!


Brain Poop 1 image


Honestly, it’s really, really, really impossible to stay 100% focused at work. There are just too many distractions! Be it a lazy day or when storming to meet deadlines, our thoughts (whether we like it or not- we really have no control over this) wander to more pressing concerns such as… what’s for lunch? Will I ever lose weight? Does he/she/it love me?


Or how about that commercial jingle that’s stuck in your head? No? Elevator music perhaps? Flappy Bird? Clock watching, anyone? Or how about that episode that you missed last night since you were stuck in traffic the entire evening?


This proves that a whole lot of stuff is indeed going on inside your brain.


Brain Poop 2 image


Now if you’re thinking that these thoughts just happen at random (well I guess they do most of the time), an infographic created by Zealous Web shows us what we think about during our workday, like coffee. Getting a cup of Joe is not as easy as it seems – black, decaf, no sugar, with sugar, Starbucks or do we just head off to the hot water dispenser? Devising ways to look busy – sometimes, we even come up with wild ways to make ourselves look busy, like pounding on the keyboards but in fact all you’re typing is justds0ufjsyfisdhfg. What in the world does ds0ufjsyfisdhfg even mean? Anticipating a zombie outbreak? As if watching “The Walking Dead” and “Doomsday Preppers” didn’t get you thinking of more stuff? Hence, you scheme up the most nefarious of things to outwit them animated corpses.


Brain Poop 3 image