A New Look for The New York Times

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”

― Andy Warhol


This can actually sum up what New York Times felt with its new design for its website. The last time New York Times did a major redesign on their website was back in 2006 – when the web back then was so different than the web we know today. After eight years, the company has finally decided to a major face-lift for their website. The result – a cleaner, sleeker, and much better web experience.




NTY Comparison Image



Viewed using Wayback Machine, a before and after view of the New York Times website.


Users who visit the site can now see a sleeker new design suing a minimalist style. Dennis Warren, Executive Vice President of the Digital Products & Services Group of the New York Times, stated in a CNN article, “We’ve redesigned our article pages and restyled our homepage and section fronts to provide a cleaner, more engaging user experience.”



By sticking to a grid based design, readers can now enjoy a seamless reading experience. The article pages are simplified – no more bombarding readers with suggested articles left and right – the pages now gives more focus to the article itself. The sections are now simplified in a menu other than that users can browse the articles from a slider resting on top of the page. As for those suggested articles (such as Top Topics and Most-Emailed) , these are now placed at the bottom of the articles freeing up much needed space and letting the readers have the articles to themselves without too many distractions.


NYT Site giy


NYT Site GIF 2



Navigation is also easier- one can go from one article to another by simply clicking the left or right buttons in screen or via the arrow keys. Articles are also in a single page format – no more looking for page 2, 3, and so on- giving users an uninterrupted reading service. With the new design, mobile readers won’t have a hard time getting their Times fix thanks to a responsive design. This will give the on-the-go reader the access to the New York Times website using any mobile device.



If you think the Times is done, the redesign is in fact, just the beginning. Warren has mentioned that there will be more updates such as faster loading times to come in the future. He also indicated that this will be the last major redesign of the age old publication. In an article from Fast Company, Warren said “We have completely re-platformed the whole back-end technology system so that we can get out of the business of doing redesigns.” With larger images, crisp texts, a responsive design, sleeker and cleaner layout the Times’ redesign is a good way to start the 2014. Not forgetting 2013′s Snowfall special feature despite the clashes of those who liked the feature from those who don’t, we can definitely see that the New York Times geared up to harness the latest technologies and use it to deliver an amazing storytelling experience.



For my last thought – let’s make the readers now be the judge.


NYT Site GIF 4