6 Ways to Add Fascinating Animation in Web Design and Content

User experience is one of the top priorities when designing and developing a website. Just like all products, websites are created with its target users in mind. This goes both for the user interface and content. A great way to make web design and content fascinating and engaging is through animation.


A great user experience offers convenience and takes the users to their destination smoothly, with the intended message delivered and understood without difficulties. However, first impression still matters. Along with functionality, achieve ultimate consumer satisfaction through visually appealing and enjoyable design. It’s what attracts the users to interact with the product. This can be achieved through animation.


When adding animation to web design and content, remember not to compromise the functionality just to produce amazing content. Form and function should work well together. Animation strengthens this by adding value in terms of entertainment, engagement, and triggering emotions.


There are 6 ways how fascinating animation can be added to web design and content.

  1. Add personality

Personality and emotional interaction make a website more relatable, reminding the user that the website is created by real humans. Animation can establish emotional connection, which makes the user more comfortable in using and interacting with it. Certain emotional triggers can encourage a person to take the desired action. Animation can also give life to a brand, giving it a persona and making it more human.

  1. Encourage interaction

Fun and non-disruptive animation can be applied to simple actions such as a hover or a click of a button. Adding surprising and enjoyable treats even to the little things improve user experience significantly. It shows that a notable amount of time and effort is taken to add value to the web design, and users appreciate it.

  1. Establish good first impression

Before users can enjoy exploring your website, their visual appetite must first be stimulated. Interesting animated videos above the fold of your home page invite users to get to know more about your brand. Cute little character animations, like the little monsters on the MicroCreatives website, give preview to the users on what to expect. Animation can also educate first-time visitors about a certain feature or how to smoothly navigate the website.

  1. Handle an unexpected error



Whether users entered an incorrect web page address or clicked on a broken link, errors do happen. The way a website displays error messages can be less dreadful by delivering them with fascinating animation. While users take a moment to find the way out of the error page (of course you also have to lead them out of it and to the right path), turn the mistake into a delightful experience. Witty and creative error pages sure are engaging; go several notches higher by incorporating animation.

  1. Keep users’ attention



Preloading screens don’t have to be generic. Make it worth the wait by adding entertaining animation. It’s a good way to distract and entertain users while waiting. Loading animation can also indicate the progress status, letting the users know how soon or long they have to wait.

  1. Make a complex task more inviting

There are actions that we are hesitant to take. We tend to think twice before clicking that checkout button or that send button. There are also complex tasks that seem intimidating. Thanks to animation that establishes emotional interaction, there is some sense of empathy to encourage users and make complex tasks feel less daunting.


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