Advantages of Improving Your Email Copy

Is 300 billion an intimidating number for you? Well, you might be surprised to learn that that’s the total number of emails sent every day. Yes. Every SINGLE day.

You might wonder how one might possibly grab attention amongst the vast number of competition. Well, I can tell you that it is possible. How?

Simple. You just have to tweak your email copy.

An email copy is the ultimate game changer. Improving it can contribute to future success in getting noticed.

How It Works

Imagine a situation wherein there are two competing business online. Both businesses are working in the information publishing niche. The difference they have from one another is that Business A is led by the master copywriters. Meaning, they’re the best in the industry and every copy they write, SELLS. On the other hand, business B is led by average copywriters. They write good copy but they admit to a less than 100% success rate.

A list vendor then offers both companies a chance to buy a double-opted list of 100,000 people who have expressed an interest in receiving promotional material about information publishing. Business A buys the list and strategically uses their strongest sales letter, which converts at 10%. They use the same email copy they’ve always used. After 24 hours, Business A performed with a 50% open rate, and a 50% click through. And as expected, their sales letter converted at 10%.

It’s a success!

But what if we shift things a bit?

Business B tries a different strategy. A valuable advice has come to their plates that even though their sales letter converts at 3% less than Business A’s, It is not enough reason for them to miss out on so many sales. They didn’t make a single change to the sales letter; instead, a fairly simple tweak in their email copy increased conversion by nearly 1%. What they did is split the list into two segments and send a different piece of email copy to each segment.

The results are surprising.

Split A (using the same email copy as always) was able to produce an expected 50% open rate and a 50% click through. And because the sales letter only converts at 7%, sales were much less compared to Business A.

But the results from the small change they made to the email copy were different. The open rate is the same (50%) and the sales letter conversion is the same (7%). The only thing that differs is the click through rate, which grew by 50%. This means that the second segment of the list produce a higher number of sales making Business B a much closer contender to Business A.

See how improving your email copy can largely affect your business and increase your click through? An effective and good email copy can improve overall performance. You don’t even have to make a single change in the sales letter. You just have to tweak and pay closer attention to the numbers.

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