How Agencies Can Make the Most Out of Creative Outsourcing

According to the Content Marketing Institute’s B2B Content Marketing 2017 report, 76% of B2B companies in North America prioritize quality over quantity content, 71% take into account the importance of content in providing quality experience to their customers, and 69% focus on creating customer-centric content.


As the market gets more competitive, the demand for businesses and brands to take their marketing and advertising efforts to the next level also gets more intense. As a result, these companies turn to creative agencies for new ideas and fresh content. An advantage of getting a third party partner is to gain new insights and new ways to offer engaging content. But what happens if your agency’s in-house team runs out of creative ideas?


To save your agency from creative burnout, you need other sources of creative and fresh ideas. This is where creative outsourcing comes in. Offshore creative teams like MicroCreatives serve as an extension of your agency, not only to help take on more workload, but also to help your agency meet your clients’ demands and provide quality results in a timely and innovative manner.


Unfortunately, many agencies still consider outsourcing their creative projects as a last resort, as a backup, rather than using their creative outsourcing partner to their full potential. It may be hard for agencies to take the back seat even for the smallest part of their creative projects. Let us share with you how you can make the most out of creative outsourcing.


Provide tools

We’re not just talking about resources, reference materials, and project scope. Consider your offshore creative partner as a part of your team. Allow them to come up with the best content and approach that will best fit the clients’ goals by providing them information that will help them know more about the client and its target market, and also make informed decisions.


Further, your in-house creative team has spent hours of research, discussions about the wanted results, and brainstorming on the strategy that will certify the goal will be met. It is necessary that you share these with your creative outsourcing partner. Give them access to your project timeline, content strategy, and long-term plans to make them aware of the designated timeframe and for them to be able to properly manage expectations and plan ahead.


Giving your outsourced partner the necessary information for the job is the first step in this collaboration. It improves productivity and makes way for a more streamlined and smoother process to meet your clients’ needs.


Give feedback

In this line of work, one of the essential parts of the process is the feedback exchange. When handled poorly, it can result in discouragement for the third party creative provider to pitch more ideas.


Allow enough time for your outsourced creatives to get a hang of how you do things in your firm. Providing constructive feedback boosts employee spirit. It has the perfect blend of nurturing one’s idea and making them feel valued and important in the work process. This means that apart from being constructive with the comments and feedback you provide, you should also be available for communication. When you are reachable to provide advice and clarification when they are needed, the creative process will be more successful and on track.


It’s the best of both worlds

Getting help by outsourcing creative work gives you an extra hand of everything you have in your own agency. Creative outsourcing agencies consist of flexible workers. They have the experience working with different industries and are highly skilled in their field. The beauty of outsourcing creative services is that it improves your creative firm’s productivity and efficiency. You’re the captain of both ships coordinating your crew to meet a shared goal. It’s a win-win for you and your creative outsourcing partner.