The use of AI in Generating Realistic, Copyright-Free Portraits for Design

When it comes to designing, it is always important to find ways for your viewers to connect and relate to your work. Among the many ways to do so, using human faces is one of the most common approaches that designers employ. With faces visible in your work, it makes it feel more “human” as it effectively establishes a distinct humane and emotional connection with your audience. With technology improving day by day, even the generation of faces that are neither taken from real-life photos of people or from stock photos is becoming even more advanced. The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) as a tool in creating realistic photos has specifically made the incorporation of faces into a design easier as faces that match the designer’s and clients’ preferences are met.


Generated Photos by Konstantin Zhabinskiy



Nowadays, incorporating faces into works has become more advanced with the rise of groups that focus on the creation of AI-generated faces. Out of these groups, the most notable one is Konstantin Zhabinskiy and his team who have invested numerous hours in the creation of over 100,000 faces, which you can find in Generated Photos. These faces, Zhabinskiy stressed, were not from stock libraries or random photos grabbed from the internet. Each face was made from scratch with the aim to provide users a wide range of selection that covers different ages and ethnicities. Although there are still visible mistakes in some of the final output, continuous efforts are done to refine and improve the generation of more faces to match what designers are looking for. With the ultimate goals of having a simple API that is capable of producing an infinite diversity, Zhabinskiy’s group made sure that every face made features consistent lighting, sizing, a range of angles and positions, varied facial expressions, and a wide variety of ethnicities that comes in different ages and face shapes.


Though the creation process is continuously being improved to deliver even more high-quality output, it is undeniable that this innovation is a good help to the design industry. So, if you’re looking into adding a more personal and inclusive touch to your business’s and brand’s materials, the monsters of MicroCreatives would love to help you out. Whether you wish to include paid or free resources, we can customize it to fit your requirements. Contact us to know more about the variety of services that we offer from graphic design, web development, animation, and creative writing.