Appearance Matters to Content

A person, no matter how attractive, will look dowdy without proper presentation. This fact of life applies to every work we produce, whether it’s a homemade meal or a piece of content we publish online. There will always be something missing if we don’t put enough effort in making a well-done piece look good. Without this, our hard work will not get the credit it deserves.

For well-written content, enhancing the way it appears on the web page can affect the number of pageviews and shares across social media. A well-chosen type font, for instance, can call attention to the title and make visitors to your website pay attention to the articles you’ve placed there. From browsing comes reading as your visitors first get engaged with the form of the text.

Typography is the Key

One technique you should apply for your content is creative typography. This technique concerns the style and arrangement of the printed words on a website. What are the deciding factors to agree on to make your content look attractive?

1. Font Type – A reader perceives one type of font differently from the rest. The contrast is distinctive when you place at least two fonts together.


Look at the example above. What do you think of when you first see Times New Roman? How about Comic Sans? Wouldn’t you say that the first sentence seems more formal while the second one is more casual? From the two statements, we see how important it is to choose the right type of font face. Websites with formal-sounding content should therefore choose Times New Roman and other similar-looking fonts. Comic Sans, on the other hand, are more suitable for blogs or sites that feature content that appeals to the general reader.

2. Font Size and Format – The size of the letter makes a difference between a reader treating it as an important issue or a not-so-urgent message they will get back to if needed.

Sentences written in capital letters make you seem to shout, while small fonts tend to say that it is simply a note for the reader. This makes it important for content builders to decide how big or small their text should be. You don’t want to overwhelm a reader and make them dismiss your work based on the font size.

3. White Space – A block of text with words squeezed tightly together can make it hard to read. This condition is also similar to instances when too much space is given to a text. This makes it necessary to balance the white space within your statements and paragraphs. This makes it easier for the eyes to focus on the letters, which allow your readers to understand your message better.

Look Deeper and Analyze

When publishing web content, it’s important to look at your work carefully. Does it look good? What possible improvement can you apply? Asking such questions can make you think of ways on how you can make your text appear inviting for readers. This might increase your readership and help you earn followers with your well-written articles.