Art from the Ordinary

As we go through our day-to-day activities, the things surrounding us have a tendency to go unnoticed, things are left as just is.

Our daily rituals and routines can turn a day into blah – but Minneapolis-based artist Brock Davis has done it again – turning ordinary, daily items into works of art. Davis has originally done it with food items – killer cucumbers, Stonehenge rice krispies, gummy bearskin rug – giving us a fresh perspective on the food that we eat on a daily basis.

Broccoli Tree House

Killer Whale Cucumber

His work was so good – his “Banana Peel Trucker Hat” has become so viral that it has been turned into a hilarious meme. According to Davis, his kids were grumpy during one Saturday morning breakfast, so he decided to make a quick banana peel trucker hat for the banana to wear using the peel of the banana. “This cheered them up and made the banana look relatively hip,” he said.

Davis’ latest project involves not just food but new and unexpected items for his interesting, imaginative artworks.

Imagine a grizzly bear staring back at you in the bathroom sink – made from his shaven beard.

Or how about seeing a humongous bright red snail slowly working its way up the sidewalk?

Now the pairing of these cotton buds look like a rain cloud passing by… or a chorale group ready to burst into song. Hmmm…

A declaration of love on a broccoli tree trunk.

Get in the football season while snacking on some pig-skin almonds…

Or snack on some cashew game remote…

And round it up with some popcorn rain – the unpopped kernels as rain drops.

So remember, when it comes to our everyday objects – a little imagination goes a long way.