Basic Web Design Principles

Some web designers usually create sites that are loaded with huge pictures and catchy special effects that still need to be scrolled down by Internet users in order for them to get a better glimpse of what each business has to offer. These techniques have become a staple over the past years to attract consumers from all walks of life to respond to companies’ various needs and wants as a form of marketing strategy. But some web designers don’t know that such methods are more of a risk than a benefit for their valued clients.

In creating websites, always consider the following:

Faster downloading speed – When surfing or even getting important information on the web, faster browsing and downloading speed is necessary since clients from corporate companies are always on-the-go. They have other matters to deal with aside from sitting in front of their computers that’s why they opt for faster and reliable information. Don’t put very large photo’s, icons and graphics because loading them takes a lot of time, make sure to save them for web.

Simple navigation – Create links and other references that would direct consumers to the appropriate page or website. If a syntax error occurs, make sure to provide a link,  so they can go back or proceed to the previous and next pages.

Complementary theme colors – Learn the art of color psychology don’t just blend various colors just so they look inviting. Choose colors that are appropriate for the company’s personality and intention.

Well-researched and constructed content – Information that contains correct grammar and style that came from credible sources and delivered by writers with impact often amazes people. They’ll surely come back if you constantly post quality content.

Correct meta data and using words instead of pure numbers – Always give the right data with the title, description and keywords for easier coding and web searching.

Never forget to observe these rules in order to establish and present the necessary information that will give the right branding appeal for every company website.

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