Can You Learn WordPress in 10 Days?

WordPress has earned being one of the most popular platforms out there for many good reasons. No matter what type of website you are building, WordPress will always be a good option if you’re looking to build on an open-source platform. From blogs and forums to online stores, WordPress can help you out. It’s packed with a lot of tools and features to cater to anything you need for your site.


However, these features can be somewhat overwhelming to some. But once you know where to start, you can dominate WordPress in just 10 days! To help you get started, Creative Market has created an easy-to-understand guide.


Day 1 – Familiarize yourself with WordPress.

WordPress is easy to navigate so don’t be overwhelmed! You just have to get around understanding and wrapping your head around the “tricks” behind it. Learn about its history, how it can work for you, the community, and its uses, among others.


Day 2 – What’s your site’s purpose?

It’s good to know firsthand what you want your site to be. Picking up the technical details of WordPress can be figured out way more easily when you know what you’re working on. Do you want to build a blog? An online store, perhaps? Basically, the possibilities are endless; you just have to know beforehand. Check out Woocommerce if you’re looking into building a website with e-commerce capability.


Day 3 – Decide your website’s domain name.

Think of a domain name that’s simple yet memorable, and can be easily associated with your website and your brand or company. Take a look at Domainr; it shows words related to your brand that can work as domain name extensions you can work with in the future. You can also use the website to check if the domain name you decide to pick is still available.


Day 4 – Pick a web host.

Take your website online with the help of a web host. For starters, it might be worth it to check the free hosting provided by WordPress, although bear in mind that updates or upgrades will be needed as you go along. Other popular hosts include: Go Daddy,, and Dreamhost, to name a few.


Day 5 and 6 – Choose a theme and install WordPress.

Different themes are composed of different templates and each has its own customized functionality. When you have chosen a theme, it’s time to install WordPress. Installing the platform is pretty straightforward and just requires a couple of clicks to get done.


Day 7 and 8 – Work on your first post and create a page.

Writing your first post and creating a page are similar to one another. Creating and publishing your very own post can be compared to writing or creating a new document. If you have the right idea to write with then there shouldn’t be any problems! Then, create a page. A page is a standalone part of your website like a Contact or About Us page. This differs from a post since posts are more like blogs. Be inventive with your titles and images! Afterwards, just publish when you think the content is good enough.


Day 9 – Look for and install a plugin.

By now, you should know how to work with WordPress’ basics. Now, check out the number of plugins available from different resources. When picking a plugin consider what it does and how your website can benefit from it.


Day 10 – Lastly, customize and enjoy your website!

Customize your page to your liking and work with one of the most powerful, adaptive management systems at your fingertips. You decide how you want to handle your page, be as hands on as you like, or just manage content so you don’t have to work with it as often. The sky’s the limit!


MicroCreatives at your service!

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