Candy Monsters

Most famous for her eye-candy art that are literally candies, donuts, fruits, animals, trees, Anniedollz, and yes, all the other elements of inspiration, CARAMELAW, a.k.a Sheena Aw, will surely take you for a whimsical ride that will do more than just tickle your fancy, but drive you right into a realm that screams color and nothing less than love for art.


CARAMELAW– a truly amazing girl- a certified creative monster and a multi-talented artist– uses different mediums, from pencil to the most advanced design software. CARAMELAW is an artist who takes inspiration from the most artless objects that an ordinary eye usually ignores for a growling stomach that’s ready to rip it apart.




Images from Caramelaw’s website

CARAMELAW is an inspiration to creative monsters for using the most unorthodox concepts and turning them into the most cunning subjects.CARAMELAW paints her candy world and showcases life as a sweet-candy, mad-monster, creative realm.