Cheap and Useful Apps for Designers on the Go

Normally a graphic artist would be all geared up with high-end and expensive applications on their desktop or on their phones. Many artists use more than one app to design or create an artwork and at a certain point it may cost you way too much. But don’t worry we’ve rounded up several apps for iPhone, and Android users that are if not free, very affordable. This list includes some camera apps, photo editing apps, font apps, file sharing apps, and doodling apps. We’re sure these will help your creative juices flowing!

iPhone Applications

  • Palettes_App.jpg  Palettes
    If you need to manage color palettes on the go, Palettes will provide a quick way to select different color schemes from websites, and images. There is a free version available for download, but there are two upgrades that turn your Palettes app into the Basic and Pro versions. The free version lets you manage up to three color palettes, while the Pro version allows you to use as many as you can to your advantage.
  • camera-plus-icon2.png  Camera+ ($0.99)
    We can’t get enough of photo effects that can enhance or add a more character to our photos.  Camera+ lets you take the best photos that you can on your iPhone. It allows you to adjust your camera’s focus and exposure and it also has a stabilizing feature to keep you from taking useless blurry shots. Choose from a range of FX Effects and wow your friends with various Scene Modes available for any setting. Get it when you can—you never know when you’re going to get caught without an actual camera, and your iPhone camera may just be the next best thing.
  • fx-photo-studio-logo.png  FX Photo Studio ($0.99)
    Still need more effects and filters? FX Photo Studio instantly transforms your photo into an artwork by giving you 194 filters to choose from! Make no mistake about it—everyday subjects can look like they’ve been taken by a pro with easy touch-ups from your iPhone’s FX Photo Studio. Mix and customize all effects so that you’ll end up with exactly the kind of image you want. Plus, it comes with a text label feature, a color splash tool, and it also supports high-res images. It’s the most powerful photo editing tool on-the-go!

Games that can fuel your creativity!

  • icon175x175_thumb1.png  Draw Something Free (also available on Android)
    Apps with filters and effects aren’t the only ones that fuel an artist’s creativity, Draw Something is a game and social app that turns your doodles into oodles of fun! Doodle anything from ships to backpacks and let your friends guess what you’ve come up with. Draw Something features over 50 vibrant colors to help you come up with the coolest drawing to show off to your friends. It makes use of a turn-based gameplay so that you can guess and draw at your own pace. Put your amazing drawing skills to the test with Draw Something!
  • font_game.png The Font Game (also available on Android)
    Think you know your fonts? Test your aptitude with The Font Game! It’s a typeface-identifying app that will train your eyes to identify more than 1000 font samples and will also help you familiarize yourself with the various typography terms to help you establish your claim as a design geek.

Android Applications

  • pudding_camera.jpg  Pudding Camera
    Do you want access to different vintage cameras in one gadget? Pudding Camera is the number 1 free photo app! Choose from various cameras, films and adjust your exposure settings (-2.0~+2.0) according to your taste. Add custom-designed filters to enhance the mood of your photos. It’s one of the coolest way to share great photos to your friends.
  • 96880697_ColorSnapLogo_tcm10-1213413.jpg Colorsnap
    Did you see a gorgeous color combination that you just need to capture for your painting project? Colorsnap is a free app that lets you take a photo and match its colors to paint colors you can use. You can also browse from hundreds of available colors as well as tweak color lightness, saturation and hue.

  • adobe_photoshop_express_icon.jpg  Adobe Photoshop Express (also for iPhone)
    Almost everyone’s go-to desktop application to create any sort of graphic is usually Adobe Photoshop, it’s a graphic designer’s basic tool. Adobe has created a version of the application that doesn’t have all the features of Photoshop but will do the trick when you’re on the go. Photoshop Express is an essential photo editing tool for those on the road. Unlike other Photoshop variants, Adobe Photoshop Express comes free. It lets you change colors, filters, effects, and also lets you add frames and borders to your photos. 

  • 595b554007b1cf8c32b08e54c7a7e312.jpg  Autodesk SketchBook® Mobile ($0.99)
    Having too much stuff in your bag or pockets is a hassle, and as a designer, it’s usually a must to bring a long a notebook or a sketchbook, so once you have a great idea, you can just doodle or draw. Autodesk Sketchbook Mobile is the most recommended drawing tool for Android. Make professional-quality digital paintings anywhere through different sketching tools that support pen pressure, giving you the most accurate feel while painting. The interface is simple and easy to use to make sure you spend less time wondering what to do and more time making masterpieces.

That concludes our collection of apps, do you have any other apps that you’d like to recommend?

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