Choose the Right Color Palette with These 6 Tools

Deciding on a color palette can be difficult when it comes to designing for any type of marketing material. We all know that color plays an important role in relaying your message to your viewers. Each color even has it’s own meaning and gives your audience different emotions. Here are 6 helpful tools that will aid you in choosing the best color palette for any design.


Color Blender


If you already have one color in mind and can’t seem to find other colors that can go with it, Color Blender can generate six color palettes or blends for you!


Color Munki


Use keywords and find colors in Color Munki’s color library!




You can either make your own color palettes out of photographs or browse through palettes made by the Kuler community.




Colourlovers has an active community that can inspire and help you come up with any design that you need. Packed with articles and a forum where you can discuss everything about color.


Color Scheme Designer

Enjoy Color Scheme Designer’s new interface and get the color palette that will engage your audience!


Color Rotate

Other than the fact that it’s cool because it’s 3D, Color Rate provides you ways to share your color palettes, connect with Adobe Photoshop CS5 or CS6, and gives you tools to take colors from images and adjust them easily.