Common Behaviors and Characteristics of Mobile Users

Technology is forever evolving. It’s not even surprising if every day there are new gadgets being developed and released. But with this escalation of technology, combined with the human race’s constant thirst for improvement, devices nowadays all aim to contribute to the user’s overall quest for human ease or the need to complete tasks in the least amount of time as possible.


Now that people are always on the go, it makes sense to focus on how most mobile devices work, know and understand the scope of phones, and know the majority of reasons why mobile devices are now better than PCs. Below are some of the most common behaviors and characteristics of mobile users:


Mobile users are always in a rush and can be unforgiving

Mobile users are quickly agitated when they don’t find the information they need. Almost everyone knows how to use their personal mobile devices to access information on the go so it’s normal to be slightly unsettled when things don’t work as they should. The all-powerful mobile devices make sure that accessibility will not be an issue and they give you the information you need whenever you need it.


Mobile users now prefer apps over the proper websites

Mobile users are almost always connected via their mobile devices and prefer interacting with the application versions of their favorite websites or services. With apps, information or service is just one tap away. The designed interface of an app effectively highlights all the essential information that is useful to users on the go.


Mobile users aim for readability with minimum effort

With this, it entirely depends on the designer to deal with the graphic user interface (GUI) and add all the necessary elements to make the app more attractive and interactive to the mobile user. Additionally, there should be less to no effort at all from the mobile user’s part while going through the content. The navigation should be sleeker and optimized to work on a minor scale. The changes should work with a slower, steadier algorithm that’s applied to the mobile website or app content to improve readability.


It goes without saying that technology changed the way we purchase and consume. When dealing with mobile payments, the trend nowadays has heavily shifted to online shopping with payments made through debit and credit card. Purchasing online should happen quickly, without any hold ups. In extension, it also made customer experience more immediate, more urgent, with more options to ensure security. People online tend to be impatient and it doesn’t differ with online customers. Fast and trustworthy are words that best describe what an app should be like.


Then, since mobile users like to type less but say more, brevity is the way to go. Users should be able to do the task that needs to be done without any hassle. Brevity helps mobiles users communicate through very concise descriptions and the use of just the right words to get the point across. It’s an absolute requirement to keep things short and sweet while keeping its uniqueness and message intact.


Together with the boom of mobile devices and the ability to stay in touch while on the go, as well as through social media and messaging apps, mobile users should be able to get connected to people they’d like to contact, faster than on desktop. The ease of use of mobile devices should allow users to send and receive messages in a jiffy.


Mobile users should also be able to do quick searches and send or reply to important emails. According to Smart Insights, search engines are used by 48 percent of all mobile users. Through smartphones that auto-sync with a desktop computer, all research is done and email sent and received are automatically in-tune with the desktop version of your app. The entire process is simpler, more robust, and lets users worry less and do more.


Lastly, mobile users should be able to waste as much time as they’d like on their devices. “Time wasting” apps like Pinterest are extremely popular since it’s so easy for users to just go online and scroll through possibly endless pictures or ‘pins’ whenever and wherever. According to VentureBeat, Pinterest traffic is made up of 80 percent of mobile device users.


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