Common Branding Mistakes that Businesses Make and How to Avoid Them

Any successful company would agree that strong branding is important in business. Unfortunately, while its importance is acknowledged, it is often chronically misunderstood as well. Being the official blueprint of how you want the world to see what you offer, your branding can either make or break your business. Thus, to ensure that your branding will give you nothing but the best opportunities to grow, look into the common mistakes people make and learn how you can steer away from committing them.


But first, we clarify what branding is and its difference to brand and marketing. Although the differences between these three terms are simple, there are still those who confuse it for the other. In fact, a brand is a set of perceptions that people have about your company. The perceptions that people hold over a brand are those that were established by branding, the act of cultivating the people’s recognition of your brand. While marketing, on the other hand, helps make more people aware of the brand that you have already made. Overall, these three are interconnected in making your business grow, so long as they are all done correctly.


Now we delve into the mistakes that people make when it comes to cultivating their brand:


Skipping professional help

Branding may look easy, but it really is a complicated matter. So, to save yourself from all the headaches trying to make use of the know-how that you have on branding, seek professional help and receive quality work for your business.


Equating branding to a logo

A logo or a business card is important for a business, but branding does not simply mean having brand assets like this. There are a whole lot of other things that come with branding, and design is just one of them. Remember, branding is the conceptual act of defining how your business is going to be seen by the people.


Being too edgy and limiting your reach

Finding ways to stand out in an overly competitive market is always a good idea. However, being cautious is even more important to avoid straying into the questionable. Although taking risks is commendable, being careless could have people seeing you in a negative light. Always take into account how people will be receiving your ideas, and this includes considering your international clients as well. Just because you think your network is limited to the local scale doesn’t mean there is no chance of your business to go global.


Playing too safe and being scared of mistakes

The same way that being too adventurous in finding ways to stand out is risky, being nonchalant or playing too safe won’t really benefit you as well. More often than not, being too complacent and passive will do your business harm. Instead, you can learn about your competitors and find an edge to help make your business grow. Look into what works and doesn’t for them and see how it fits in your system. Furthermore, you can identify gaps in the market you are in and establish a point difference for your company to stand out. Throughout the process, you are bound to make mistakes. But instead of succumbing and refusing to admit it, own up to it and learn from it. Especially when it comes to branding mistakes, acknowledging your mistake and taking it into account for the future will drive your business to better growth.


Forgetting brand guidelines and lacking consistency

Consistency is important, especially when it comes to branding. In the first place, this shouldn’t be a problem if you follow your brand guideline, however, this is often forgotten. Thus, to keep you back on track, look into the guideline that you have and start implementing it in everything that you do for your business, including when you seek help from third-party professionals. Keep in mind that inconsistency does not simply drive people away from your business, it creates confusion and doubt as well. So, to receive the trust of people, be consistent in all platforms and media that you use.


Being too trend-driven and straying from what made you successful

It’s nice to keep up with the trends, so long as you don’t stray too far from what you’ve set in your branding guideline. However, there are cases where a brand’s core identity is compromised for the sake of keeping up with the trends. Do keep up with the latest branding and design trends, but be careful to not reach the point that you end up losing what brand that you have already established. You may end up losing your loyal fans when you become too unfamiliar to them in the long run.


Attaching your brand to the wrong things and attempting to appeal to everyone

When it comes to attaching your brand name to things, always be cautious. Be selective as you can and make sure that what it reflects is compatible with your brand’s values and voice. Partner with the right people and find someone that can complement your business. This, too, is another form of ensuring consistency, thus, being careful is more than important. Carelessness in this sense could undermine your business instead of boosting its image. Regardless of the pressure of wanting to be everyone’s cup of tea, engaging in acts that will only create distrust from your loyal following should be avoided. Instead, embrace the brand that you have and build an organic following that truly supports what you offer.


Compromising copywriting

Branding is often dismissed to be a visual endeavor, but this does not mean that texts are no longer needed to help expand your reach. Copywriting may seem to hold a lesser role when it comes to branding, however, it still is a crucial part of the process. Investing in great copywriting not only helps in increasing sales and conversions, it also influences how people see your brand’s authenticity and trustworthiness. So, the next time that you think about cutting copywriting from your list of priorities, think again.


No matter how difficult it may seem, branding mishaps can be avoided. With the right mindset, and a brilliant branding guide, establishing your brand is not only going to be a smooth process, it’s going to lead you right to the success that you’ve been longing for your company as well.


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