Visual Communication: Using Right Imagery in Web Design

No matter how cliché the saying “A picture is worth more than a thousand words,” goes, it still holds true today. The use of beautiful, sleek images still remain relevant especially in web design. Image usage determines the overall look of your website, what kind of message you want to relay and what kind of emotion you want to invoke when someone visits your page. There are diverse ways you can play with images in web design. Various concepts can be applied to create the right amount of buzz your website needs. And here are some example of websites that have imaginatively used images to convey a message of its own. Take a browse for you just might drive some inspiration and learn how to apply images and find out how to make it work.

See how the world works image

The image used here did a great way in creating incongruity. Just as the text appears “See how the world works” the image used in the background is blurred or is not clearly seen.

Collaborative knowledge image

It is also just as effective when you use simple imagery to establish what kind of web page you are or what type of services you offer.

Bride 2 Rwanda Image

The image used in this website is very simple, modest and yet, strongly complements the text written over the image “The Bridge begins with a student.” This type of image usage wants to manifest a strong message that will surely make more impact to an audience.

See how the examples above made use of images to determine the whole tone of the website? But the type of images to use are not the only things to consider in web design. A lot of thought should be put into the composition, layout, design and style of the images so that your message will effectively come across.