Copywriting and Design are Among the Top Outsourced Jobs in 2017 has released the top 50 most outsourced jobs for the second quarter of the year 2017 and copywriting and design are the creative jobs included in the list.


As Google algorithm updates continue to roll out, it becomes more and more necessary for websites to produce original, high-quality content regularly. That being said, startups and SMEs continue to outsource content creation jobs such as copywriting and graphic design.


Content Reigns

Content is still king. It has always been the most critical feature that defines a brand and the character of an entity. In addition to Google algorithm updates, online users have also become more scrutinizing. The rise of “fake news” and “clickbait” articles has made online audiences more exhaustive in looking for reliable and substantial content.


Among the top copywriting jobs being outsourced is blog writing. Blogs are useful in producing content regularly, including brand and company news, products and services features and updates, and insights relevant to their respective industries. Blogs help brands and companies build an audience and establish thought leadership, as well as help give their target audience a reason to visit their site often.


Visual Communication

Design never fails to spice up any content, especially when it’s contextual and useful. Copywriting and graphic design almost always go hand in hand, especially in marketing and web design projects. Graphic design projects that are being outsourced include print design, digital design, and branding and identity. Design should not just look good, it should also support the content and help users navigate it seamlessly.


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