A 20-Second Video Tutorial On Creating An Instant Color Palette From A Picture

It is no secret that the use of color is an integral technique in creating an effective design, which is unique in terms of its purpose. In businesses, it’s especially important, since it has been proven by numerous studies that colors play an important role in affecting the decision-making of consumers. With the correct and the appropriate color scheme, not only you can pique a potential consumer’s interest, but can actually make him or her avail of your service/buy your product.


Now, with color palettes, one doesn’t just combine random colors at will. Graphic designers are trained to work their creative instinct and apply it to the necessary tools in order to make a great design. Our team of graphic designers at MicroCreatives are proficient and well-equipped to do that. Using Adobe Illustrator, YouTube channel Graphic Design Basics offers a fast and hassle-free tutorial to create a very helpful color palette based on pictures, all under 20 seconds.


Watch the video below and see the simple step-by-step process on how to derive a swatch of colors from pictures that you can apply in your own design process.